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inPEST the brand dedicated to PCO/Trained Professionals

The richest line of products for IPM / Pest Control

inPEST will take part to PestMed Expo on 9th, 10th, 11th of FEBRURARY 2022 at BolognaFiere, Bologna (Italy). The fair hosted by A.N.I.D. is the italian main event for all Pest Management and Sanification professionals.
inPEST will have its branded booth focused on its wide range of Professional Pest Control devices.

New Products
Twist Tie MD2
Registered device, fully metal detectable, for the mating disruption technique

Twist Tie MD2 is a registered biocidal device (authorization number: FR-2020-0028) for the application of the mating disruption technique.
It is available in the BLUE version (P-01162) and GRAY (P-01156) version.
Twist Tie MD2 is FULLY metal detectable.

New Products
Rufy Trap
Ready-to-use device for Necrobia rufipes

consisting of a cardboard case with 4 entrances and a transparent plastic window to facilitate inspection. Inside there is a white plastic glue tray and a dispenser (attractive vial).

3 way
New products
3 Way Trap Phero PackOil
Multi-species ready-to-use device

Tray with 2 attractants included (multi-species pheromone and multi-species tablet) and with "Push & Go" oil cylinder to be pressed to activate the trap.

New Products
Device for Cimex lectularius,

It has an innovative structure that offers the advantage of capturing the weed from the back rather than from the belly. This feature allows to obtain a + 61% of catches compared to competing products, thanks to the reduction of the insect's emission of alarm pheromones.



20+ years of IPM experience.

inPEST is the Gea brand focused on PCO/Trained Professionals. We further solutions inspired by the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). For us, Quality and Innovation are core values ​​that we constantly pursue by offering you environmentally-friendly Products that are as well compliant with main European Regulations on biocides. More than our products, we offer our customers a full range of specific services for PCO/Trained Professionals, sharing our twenty years of experience in the business.

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The inPEST products line offers useful tools and devices to work harmoniously with the following standards:
UNI 1138100: 2010 (Food Companies)
UNI EN 16636: 2015 (Pest control systems)


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