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No Target Oil Bottle

Code: P-09078

Mineral oil suitable for releasing accidentally trapped animals.


Mineral oil

Code: P-09078 Category: Other products

No Target Oil Bottle is a mineral oil suitable for properly releasing any accidental trapped no-target specimens.

How to use

1. Use a pair of gloves, a towel, some fabrics, a damp cloth, and a safe container or shoe box with air intakes.
2. Cut the nozzle of the stopper near the tip (about 2mm).
3. Put on gloves and calm the animal, covering its head with a towel.
4. Pour a little oil on the adhesive surface of the trap where the animal is trapped and gently massage the area until the animal is separated from the glue layer. Be sure to keep the amount of oil to a minimum, as it may interfere with the natural waterproofing of the animal’s hair, thus reducing the chances of survival after release.
5. Once the animal has been separated from the glue trap, carefully cover the trap with a tissue, so that the animal does not get entangled again.
6. Use a damp cloth to clean the animal from excess oil and put it in a box with air intakes.
7. Place the towel on the container to darken it and place it in a quiet and warm place so that the animal can rest for an hour or two.
8. Release the animal into the wild or rely on a wildlife rehabilitator. Active and alert animals may be released outdoors during mild weather within a one-block radius from where they were found. If the animal has been trapped during extreme weather (severe weather, cloudy weather, severe drought, etc.), it should be transported to a wildlife rehabilitation centre.
9. If it is not possible to remove the animal from the adhesive surface or if it is lethargic or injured, see a veterinarian or wildlife rehabilitator immediately. You can also call your local Wildlife Recovery Centre for a consultation.

Sizes and dimensions

Bottle 250 ml

Pack: 1

Outer carton: 5