Food industry crawling insects

Food industry crawling insects anita.rubagotti 26 July 2023
Pest monitoring
3 Way line
Necrobia line

Monitoring pests with specific traps lets obtain immediate feedback on the appearance of an infestation.

inPEST has designed a trap specifically for monitoring food industry beetles. 
This trap’s shape grants access to insects, which are usually hard to catch, thanks to an innovative food based tablet integrating it with a multi-species pheromone dispenser.

Una famiglia di prodotti InPest interamente dedicata al monitoraggio dei coleotteri delle derrate: trappole Necrobia e 3 Way con feromone

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Glue trap

Good reasons to choose our 3WAY LINE:

  • Easy to use: just insert the cardboard trap in the plastic base and close with a simple “click”; the innovative, reusable cover protects the trap from dust and damp, guaranteeing efficacy of the adhesive surface for over a month.
  • Easy to remove, it’s impossible to get dirty!
  • “Dust-proof” glue: the top and bottom adhesive surface of the cardboard trap is spread in parallel stripes in order to increase dust resistance.

Stored in a cool and dry place (lower than 25°C/77°F and 55% R.H.) in their original packaging.
Products are guaranteed to perform correctly up to 3 years.

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