Metal-detectable products

Metal-detectable products anita.rubagotti 7 September 2023
Line dedicated to true IPM professionals
Metal-detectable products

inPEST strives every day to offer its customers quality products that are ideal tools to allow PCO / Trained Professional to carry out effective interventions, respectful of both environment and current regulations.

The ideal customer for this product line have professionalism and competence for an advanced IPM. The customer will find in these pages the most complete line of detectable by metal detector inPEST products for the Pest Control market. The Detectable Products Line is indeed, together with the Pheromones Line, the spearhead of inPEST. It is the result of years of Research & Development on  products, innovation and experience in the market of professional devices for pest monitoring.

Ferrite-enriched inPEST products offer PCO / Trained Professional enormous advantages during interventions, with a modestly higher cost than non-detectable products.

 La linea di prodotti InPest rilevabili al Metal Detector sono prodotti arricchiti di ferrite dedicati ai professionisti della disinfestazione.

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The traceability and product’s positioning control are great key elements during interventions and an inPEST product detectable by the metal detector guarantees easy traceability and positioning
control. All thanks to ferrite. inPEST products have been made in such a way as to be detectable to the metal detector even only in really tiny part (if, for example, the product splinters) allowing to easily identify its position even if it is not intact.
The use of this kind of products is strongly suggested, for example, in the food industries and in all those environments where is essential absolute control over the positioning of the products used for the intervention.


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