CERABILEGiorgia Li Vigni13 October 202311 March 2024


Code: P-08001

Metal detectable sticking plaster.



Code: P-08001 Categories: Metal-detectable products, Plastic

Sterile blue patch detectable by metal detector, thanks to a metal strip inside. IDEAL FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY.
Consists of:
– Hot melt adhesive
– Gauze with aluminium strip (a non-absorbent, non-stick polyethylene layer, an absorbent viscose layer, an aluminium metal detector strip)
– Bandage protection paper: white glassine

How to use

The use of this special plaster is especially suggested in food industries, where the product process has direct contacts with food. Besides protecting possible wounds and preserve the food from consequent contaminations, the metal element inside the plaster can be easily detectable by the metal detectors installed on the production lines, in case of its accidental detachment from the operator hands.

Sizes and dimensions

Length 70 mm
Height 20 mm
Width 70 micron

Pack: 50

Outer carton: 1000