Pheromones and food tablets

Pheromones and food tablets anita.rubagotti 26 July 2023
The new pheromone dispenser
Phero-Si inPEST

After years of research and innovation, the GEA R&D Team has achieved its goal of optimizing and improving silicone pheromone supports.

The team’s efforts led to the replacement of the previous device with a more innovative version: the new “Phero-Si” pheromone dispenser in PEST, made with ad-hoc silicone blend.

The new dispenser has a characteristic cylindrical shape, more easy-to-handle, with more weight and a larger emission surface.

Phero-Si è il nuovo erogatore di feromone innovativo di InPest, più maneggevole e con una superficie di emissione più ampia.

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Pheromones and food tablets

inPEST pheromone line exploits the ability of insects to perceive specific semiochemical molecules (pheromones) to alter their behavior.
Due to reduction of insecticides and active substances on the market it is vital to find new techniques to face an ever demanding regulation, with the use of integrated pest management (IPM) in all its forms.
With this in mind, inPEST pheromone line gives the possibility of monitoring a large quantity of species reducing the environmental impact to the minimum.
In inPEST pheromone line it is also possible to find pheromone dispensers for Mating Disruption Tecnique to face insects infestations by preventing their reproduction. 

Some of the products in this section (Phero-Si silicone supports for pheromones) are available in the metal detector version Phero-Si MD.



To avoid altering the efficacy of the dispensers it is suggested to handle the products with gloves.

All the vials in this section must be used closed (as shown in the picture), for a better functioning.

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