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Code: P-01272

Attractant for Piophila casei.

Target pest

Piophila casei



Monitoring period

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Where to use

Dairy productions, Food storages, Industry and warehouses of food

Code: P-01272 Category: Pheromones and food tablets

Attractant dispenser to be inserted in a trap for the monitoring of Piophila casei. It consists of a vial containing a cotton cylinder soaked in attractive substances. It is to be used inside an adhesive trap so that the attractiveness leads to the monitoring of pests. We recommend its use inside ECOTRAP MAXI WHITE (P-02004G40B) covered by TUNNEL MAXI (P-02020). Alternatively, can be used in association with BOOK REFILL (P-02019) or ECOTRAP QUADRO MINI (P-02013B) covered by TUNNEL QUADRO MINI (P-02047).

Frequency of controls

Check the trap every week, change the vial after a maximum of 4 weeks.

How to use

Place inside the trap, in the processing, maturation and storage areas of dairy products, hams and cured meats in general.  Since the target pest pupates to the ground, it’s suggested to place the traps on the floor, in order to intercept the infestant before it emerges and flies to the stored food. We recommend to handle the vial with gloves, smells or other residues on hands could undermine the product efficacy.

Sizes and dimensions

Height 50 mm
Internal diameter: 13 mm
External diameter: 15 mm
Internal volume max 5 ml

Pack: 2