UV fly killers, uv tubes and glue boards

UV fly killers, uv tubes and glue boards anita.rubagotti 8 September 2023
Contamination management
Control of flying insects

By law foodstuffs must not be contaminated by external agents such as insects and other infestants.
inPEST U.V. fly killer line offers electronic fly killers with glue boards and U.V. tubes that lure flying insects and trap them preventing them from contaminating foodstuffs at the same time allowing PCOs to monitor these pests efficiently.
To manage flying insects infestations the position of the fly killer is not the only important thing to take into account, it is also very important to choose the right device for the area that needs monitoring. If devices are placed in the wrong way or are poor quality units they can give an unfounded sense of confidence making the situation worse.

Target: Flies, mosquitoes, wasps and hornets and all flying insects with positive phototropic response (i.e. attracted by light).

Una linea di apparecchi a pannello collante con Neon UV per la cattura degli insetti volanti nelle industrie alimentari.

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Positive phototropism species of greatest interest in the food industry
  • Lepidoptera – Food Moths
  • Coleoptera – Food Beetles
  • Diptera – Fly, green and blue flyflies, carnaria fly
  • Hymenottera – Wasps and hornets
  • Hemiptera – Bugs

The indicated coverage is indicative. The area of effect of the U.V. fly killers may vary basing on how objects are placed in the surrounding environment.

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