ECOTRAP QUADRO MINIMicol Stivanello25 March 202425 March 2024


Code: P-02013B

White plastic tray with adhesive hazelnut flavoured aroma, to detect the presence of small rodents.


Target pest

Mus musculus domesticus, Mus musculus musculus

Where to use

alongside perimeters, Cables and electrical panels, Warehouse, workshops

Code: P-02013B Categories: Mice and rats, Plastic trap

Monitoring device consisting in a glue trap made of a white thermoformed polystyrene tray, hazelnut flavoured, to detect the presence of small rodents. Can be used with TUNNEL QUADRO MINI (P-02047) for protection against moisture and dust.



Frequency of controls

Twice a day. Change the trap after two months (at the latest) or berfore, according to the pest infestation or the precence of dust and water in the environment.

How to use

Place the trap near electric cabels and boards, in storehouses, workshops, along the room perimeters to be disinfested and along the rodent habitual paths, which can be identificed trhought excrements, fur, dens and paw prints.

Sizes and dimensions

Lenght 126
Width 120

Pack: 4

Outer carton: 50