The technique of mating disruption anita.rubagotti 13 October 2023

The technique of mating disruption

Sexual confusion for the InPest Twist-Tie MD2 dispenser: the low-impact technique for pest control.

The Pest Control sector is seeing a growing trend to use pest management systems that are environmentally friendly. The aim is to reduce the use of insecticides wherever possible.

To achieve this important goal, the R&D team at GEA srl has been working intensively on the development of an inPEST® erogator  for the application of the technique of mating disruption that can be used in the management of the prevalent food moths (Plodia interpunctella and Ephestia kuehniella):

Twist-Tie MD2 inPEST®
  • The product is Biocide, registered with Ministerial Authorisation No: IT/2020/00684/AUT.
  • The method of mating disruption consists of saturating the environment with overdoses of sex pheromone that is normally emitted by the female of each specific target insect, to such an extent as to prevent the male from locating and fertilising her.
  • Compared to other dispensers available on the market, it is an instrument that is fully detectable by metal detectors, as the ferrite that gives it this property is contained in the holder.
  • Detectability is a basic requirement for the BRC and IFS food safety standards.
  • Furthermore, once the total amount of linear metres of string to be used has been established on the basis of the volumes to be processed (1 m of Twist-Tie MD2 inPEST® saturates 300 m3), thanks to its special format (string), it can be easily cut into portions.
  • In this way, portions of the string can be evenly distributed throughout environments or can be concentrated around critical machinery or installations.
  • Another strong point of the string is its greater visibility compared to an ordinary dispenser, a feature that is not of secondary importance in terms of the efficiency of the service provided, to replace it once it has been used up.