MASK DRÄGER FULL FACE X-PLORE 6300Giorgia Li Vigni13 October 202312 March 2024


Code: P-08012

Respiratory protective equipment.


Full face x-plore 6300

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Full-face mask made of black EPDM rubber with a standard unified EN 148-1 threaded connection for screw filters. The mask body is made of extremely soft rubber, with a double sealing edge on the face, a Plexiglas visor with a wide field of vision and a visor holding frame made of composite material. The mask is fitted with a phonic diaphragm and a composite flame guard. The restraint system has 5 straps, extremely soft and extensible, adjustable in length by means of quick-release stainless steel adjustment buckles. . The device is CE approved in accordance with technical specification EN 136.
Filter sold separately.

Sizes and dimensions

Weight 570g

Pack: 1

Outer carton: 1