GEO PAD FOOD GREENGiorgia Li Vigni13 October 202317 October 2023


Code: P-04077


Cardboard, Glue, Ready to use

Target pests

Ephestia kuehniella, Plodia interpunctella

Where to use

Industry and warehouses of food, Warehouse

Monitoring period

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Code: P-04077 Categories: Cardboard trap, Food industry flying insects

Monitoring device to detect the presence of food moths (Plodia interpunctella, Ephestia kuehniella, Ephestia elutella, Cadra cautella and Cadra figulilella), pre-activated with specific pheromone. The trap consists of: – stretched and plastic-coated cardboard backing; white backside background and printed on the glued side with grid and image of the pest (in green); – transparent hot-melt adhesive; – specific sexual pheromone for food moths (transparent) on the glued surface; – white silicone paper printed in one black colour, with release instructions; – Crtc-alu-pe triple laminated packaging; – Cardboard box.

Recommended for

How to use

In civil and industrial places, where wool, silk, furs and leather are stocked.
We suggest you to give a number to each trap and indicate its placement in the monitored area
plan, in order to facilitate the check during the periodic monitoring.

Sizes and dimensions

– Length: 130 mm
– Width: 60 mm

Pack: 10

Outer carton: 100