POLITRAPGiorgia Li Vigni13 October 202313 October 2023


Code: P-04024



Target pests

Ephestia kuehniella, Plodia interpunctella

Where to use

Industry and warehouses of food, Warehouse

Monitoring period

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Code: P-04024 Categories: Food industry flying insects, Plastic trap

Monitoring device for detecting the presence of Food Moths (Ephestia kuehniella, Plodia interpunctella) to be activated with specific attractant. Politrap can also be used as a control device to check the effectiveness of the confusion technique on food moths. Politrap is a monitoring device consisting of a falling pheromone trap. Consists of: – 1 green roof with a circular opening housing the cage for placing the pheromone; – 1 yellow funnel-shaped lid for pest entry; – 1 white collection bucket. Politrap can also be used with water and/or with adhesive card inside (Adhesive trap (small) for Politrap P-04024GLUE, which can be used with water, and Adhesive trap (large) for Politrap P-04024GLUESO). The device is to be activated with a specific pheromone to be ordered separately.

Recommended for

How to use

Place Politrap in the following places:
Inside food industries, storehouses, supermarkets and all those places where it is stocked: wheat,
cereals, biscuits, bread, pasta, chocolate, cocoa, candy, dried fruit, etc..
It must be placed at 1.8-2 m height. It is particularly suggested in dusty places, where glue traps
can’t be used.
We suggest you to give a number to each trap and indicate its placement in the monitored area
plan, in order to facilitate the check during the periodic monitoring

Sizes and dimensions

Length: 220 mm
– Maximum diameter: 170 mm

Outer carton: 10