MAGNETIC TRAP DETECTABLEGiorgia Li Vigni13 October 202312 March 2024


Code: P-04131MAGF

Metal detectable protective shield to be used with 3 WAY TRAP or 3 WAY PHERO PACK.


Metal Detectable, Plastic

Where to use

Industry and warehouses of food, Warehouse

Monitoring period

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Code: P-04131MAGF Categories: 3 Way Line, Food industry crawling insects, Metal-detectable products, Plastic trap

Metal detectable plastic shell, closed with the use of extra strong magnets, to be used with 3 WAY TRAP or 3 WAY PHERO PACK.  The shells protect the traps from dust, water, humidity and mould and facilitates the insect entrance. MAGNETIC TRAP DETECTABLE can be fixed on the floor in order to reduce its mobility and protect it from hits and unintentional movements. The shields are reusable and ensure the glued surface efficacy of the trap inside for more than a month.

It’s composed of:

-two parts: triangular base and cover that can be closed with magnets
-internal space to place 3 WAY TRAP or 3 WAY PHERO PACK

Frequency of controls

Weekly. Change the trap inside after two months (at the latest) or before if necessary.

Recommended for

How to use

Place on the floor  inside food industries, storehouses, supermarkets, herbalist’s shops, mills, pantries and all those places where it’s processed and stocked: wheat, cereals, bisquits, bread, pasta, chocolate, cocoa, candies, dried fruits, nuts, tea camomile, spices and tobacco. Near oven, rising rooms, hot and wet areas, in all those places where an infetation is suspected and in dark areas.
Place the traps every 3/5 meters, according to the level of the infestation.

Sizes and dimensions

Side 1 150 mm
Side 2 150 mm
Hypotenuse 193 mm
Height 27 mm

Pack: 2

Outer carton: 10