APPLE DUSTGiorgia Li Vigni13 October 20237 March 2024


Code: P-01027

Food based powder for monitoring flies.

Target pest

Flies, Vespidae

Where to use

Garden, Greengrocers, Industry and warehouses of food, Orchard

Monitoring period

February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October

Code: P-01027 Categories: Flies, wasps, fruitflies and mosquitoes, Food attractant

Specific fly powder (50 grams) should be used, dissolved in water, inside a fly trap half filled with the solution. Use inside APPLE TRAP (P-04025)

Frequency of controls

Weekly, change the powder every two weeks.

Recommended for

How to use

Place Mela trap in the following places: Terraces, roofs, orchards, gardens, greengrocers, factories processing or storing fruits, vegetables, meat, beer, wine, alcohol and fermentable sugars in general, if used with Vespokil. Terraces, roofs, orchards, gardens, farms and landfills (it can be placed both indoor and outdoor), food industries (in this case, it must be placed outdoor), if used with the powder for flies. In this case, we suggest an outdoor use, due to the bad smell of the powder.

Place the trap at 1,5 m height, easily controllable. It must be protected from the sun (for example, under the trees) and put in the air flow. Place a trap every 50 m2.

The wasps and fruit flies attraction is made by the special odour coming from the trap once the liquid or the powder has been poured.

Sizes and dimensions

50 g

Outer carton: 20