inPEST Digital Catalogue


Discover all the news that enrich the inPEST product line.

Detectable Products Line

Discover the new inPEST line for fully metal detectable products. This products range is ideal for Pest Control Monitoring carried out inside food factories.

Mice & Rats

Devices to monitor small and medium sized rodents.


Devices to monitor crawling insects such as cockroaches and others.

3 Way Line

Product line to monitor food industry crawling insects.

Food Industry Flying Insects

Devices to monitor food industry flying insects.

Phero-Si Line

Discover Phero-Si, inPEST's silicone pheromone dispensers. The products line is also enriched by ferrite versions (Phero-Si MD) and by a wide range of specific dispensers.

Bed bugs, ticks and mites

Devices to monitor pests such as Cimex lectularius, Argas reflexus and Dermanyssus gallinae

Flies, wasp, fruit flies/vinegar flies, mosquitoes

Devices to monitor pests such as Drosophila spp., Musca domestica, Lucilia caesar, Calliphora vomitoria, Sarcophaga carnaria, Vespidae.

U.V. fly killers, U.V. tubes and glue boards

Product line to monitor pests such as flies, mosquitoes, wasps, moths and all flying insects characterized by positive phototropism (i.e. that are attracted from light).

inFOG Line

Product line to monitor pests such as Lepidoptera and food industry Coleoptera. The products allow the cold nebulization of medium-large volumes, ideal for civil and industrial environments (food industries).

Other products

Tools and accessories for Professional Pest Control.